With over thirty years of experience and locations in Italy’s major art cities (Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome), Apice is the trusted partner of many national and international museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors.


Via Guido Guinizzelli, 14
50041 Calenzano FI, Italy
t. +39 055 720490
f. +39 055 7222928
e. firenze@apice.it


Via J.F.Kennedy, 25
20090 Rodano Millepini MI, Italy
t. +39 02 9595711
f. +39 02 95957157
e. milano@apice.it


Via Tivoli, 32
00156 Roma, Italy
t. +39 06 41200404
f. +39 06 4114532
e. roma@apice.it


Via Mutinelli, 23/1
30173 Mestre VE, Italy
t. +39 041 936697
f. +39 041 936806
e. venezia@apice.it


  • Apice’s facilities in Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice are located near city cen-tres, motorway junctions and local airports.
  • All Apice facilities are located near security companies and fire brigades.
  • All the buildings are equipped with systems meeting all current security require-ments and have been recently renovated and equipped with all certified security systems.
  • The buildings’ walls are made of reinforced concrete/brick, roofs are insulated and the reinforced concrete flooring has been treated with quartz throughout.
  • All facilities have a private and secure area for truck loading/unloading.
  • Main entrance heights exceed four metres.
  • Our facilities are equipped with all fire protection systems including hydrants and fire extinguishers, active ceiling-mounted fire/smoke detectors and intrusion sen-sors connected to the local fire brigade via the central fire alarm system.
  • All of the facilities are equipped with an anti-theft system connected to local police departments.
  • All external shutters are closed, alarmed and protected by metal grilles.
  • Armed guards can be provided 24/7.
  • All our storage areas are climate-controlled; indoor temperature and humidity are continuously controlled using hygrothermal systems and climate-control sensor systems.
  • Lighting is fluorescent with ultraviolet filtering screens, monitored using 120 lx lux meters.
  • The facilities provide various art storage areas for small, medium and large objects, all equipped with all of the security systems mentioned above.
  • The facilities are equipped with cameras that record both outdoors and indoors 24/7.

Apice offers it customers the possibility of using its climate-controlled storage areas equipped with hygroscopic control and fine-tuned by a group of experts including engi-neers, restorers and collectors, who overseeing every fundamental detail of the project.

The same care and attention has been paid to security, taking advantage of Apice’s ex-tensive experience through previous projects for some of the finest national and interna-tional museums, thus reaching the highest security levels with innovative technologies.

Inside the warehouses is a well-equipped space dedicated exclusively to paintings, which are stored in sophisticated technological frames, created for easy cataloguing and guaranteeing maximum security.

We also have a well-equipped restoration laboratory. Artworks that need to be bonded or for which customs formalities have to be completed can be stored in our warehouses with no need to be moved.

Some rooms can be used to display works for surveying, photos or research purposes. These spaces are completely independent, each with its own individually set climate con-trol. They can be rented by museums, foundations, collectors, etc.

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You can rely on a team of highly qualified people for every aspect of moving your artwork for you.