TOGETHER, STRONGER: Building a Future of Growth and Collaboration

We are happy to share the successes of Apice Group at the 2024 Symposium, held on May 18 and 19 at Nil Hotel in Florence.

This event was a pivotal moment for our company, uniting executives and operators from our four branches for two days of intense work and discussion.

The symposium covered various strategic topics, including rebranding and enhancing our communication. Through operational workshops, we delved into crucial areas for our business, such as accounting, customs and insurance matters, and transport operations. This exchange of skills and knowledge has reinforced our commitment to excellence.

The collaborative and convivial atmosphere of the symposium was made possible by our new corporate structure. The imminent merger of the four entities into a single consolidated company will solidify our position as the leader in Italy’s art transportation sector.

Apice Group looks to the future with renewed confidence and determination, ready to tackle new challenges and seize growth opportunities. Together, we are stronger.